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Who are we
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Who Are We?

With over 30 years of combined experience as educators, facilitators, and strategic change partners, we are passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion.  As people of color, raised by white Civil Rights activists in the South, we have navigated and bridged differing cultures and beliefs that have informed our education, work, and life journeys.  Strength Perspective was formed as a culmination of our separate and collaborative efforts to create a more just society, one organization at a time. 

We provide custom services and pride ourselves on listening to our clients, partnering in a journey, and working our way out of a job.  We work directly with organizational leaders, staff, students, teachers, and communities, empowering individuals to create more inclusive organizations, environments, communities, and teams.  Our ultimate goal is organizational change with a priority on the strengths and resources of people, communities and their environments by building relationships and customizing our services to the needs of our clients.


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            Polly and Jen met in the late ’80s as summer camp counselors. They worked together for 4 years and led an anti-racism task force for Farm and Wilderness during the early 2000s. They have continued to support the board and staff along with providing annual anti-racism trainings for staff and youth. Both Polly and Jen have navigated many types of communities in several different geological locations. These experiences have informed their work together and provide them with the capacity to foster awareness while working with contrasting viewpoints. 

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